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Sonic Adventure Minecraft

The goal of Sonic Adventure Minecraft is to recreate the entire game of Sonic Adventure in Minecraft as well as include brand new areas you can explore.
Massively expanding upon the city of Station Square and turning it into a real city with locations from other well known Sonic games thrown in as well.
There are hundreds of unique pedestrians in the game you can interact with as well as Chao populating the Chao Gardens and badnik/enemies populating the action stages.

You can download Beta V3 of the project from here:…
You will need to be using Minecraft 1.6.4 to run the map properly. Everything you need will be provided for with the download file though please be aware it may be a lengthy and complicated process if you haven't already adapted to Minecraft 1.6.4.

Visit the archive section of my journal if you want to download any previous versions of the project.

You can see plenty of videos of the project in action on my youtube channel here:…

Shenmue Minecraft

The goal of Shenmue Minecraft, like Sonic Adventure Minecraft is to recreate the entire game of both Shenmue 1 and 2 in Minecraft, complete with my own unique areas and locations to create a huge expansive world out of an old game.
The map of Yokosuka in this project is going to be huge and will cover many unique districts that will be new to Shenmue fans such as Aida Park, Lamistar Shopping District, Takome Village, etc.

In the final version, you'll be able to travel from Yokosuka to Hong Kong through Amnihama Station which will take you to Wan Chai, Kowloon, Guilin, Shanghai, Tokyo and Guiyang, the city featured in my Shenmue 3 fan-fiction novel.… (Guiyang being heavily inspired by the map from Sleeping Dogs)

I also plan to populate the city with thousands of unique NPC's, both familiar and original. (Though in the current betas you'll only be able to interact with Shenmue exclusive characters)

You can download Beta V2 of the project from here:…
You will need to be using Minecraft 1.6.4 to run the map properly. Everything you need will be provided for with the download file though please be aware it may be a lengthy and complicated process if you haven't already adapted to Minecraft 1.6.4.

Minecraft World

As well as both Shenmue and Sonic Adventure, I've also started working on another major project where I plan to recreate real life towns and cities across the UK using Minecraft and Google Maps. Each town and city is going to be it's own project but the overall project is going to simply be called Minecraft World.
So far I'm just going to be focusing on each town's shopping center and working my way out into the suburban and industrial areas later on. My focus right now is Cheltenham Spa and Exminster Village but I'll soon be spreading out into Birmingham, Gloucester, Exeter, Exmouth, Paignton, Goodrington, Torquay, Bristol, London, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, Stroud, Brixham, Sidmouth, and Seoul (South Korea).

I have plenty of other towns and cities planned afterwards if I feel it's worth the effort, but these 17 areas will be my main focus for the time being.
None of this should really interfere with both Sonic Adventure and Shenmue Minecraft, it's really more of a side project to go alongside them.
I'll keep updating on the progress as I go so for now, watch this space.

Other Projects

Animal Crossing Minecraft

This is a side project I'm working on in an attempt to bring the world of Animal Crossing to Minecraft. The finished version is going to be a huge world of over 20 unique villages all connected by a railway system, a large city and small town to explore, a tropical resort island and even chao gardens. Every single existing Animal Crossing NPC will be part of the project as well as over 50 human residents that you can interact with.
No word on when the project will be finished but as it's much smaller than my other projects, I'd much rather release the finished version for download instead of releasing updated beta versions every year.

You can see an early sneak preview of the project here:

SegaSonic ArcadeCraft

The goal of this project is to recreate the 1992 arcade cabinet game, SegaSonic Arcade in Minecraft, letting you play with either Sonic, Ray or Mighty as you have to traverse each of the 7 stages of Eggman's Island and survive the deadly traps and obstacles along the way.
This is only a short project so I plan to release the full game for download when it's ready, rather than releasing earlier builds for download every year.
You can see an early sneak preview of the project down below.

Sonic 1 Minecraft

Sonic 1 Minecraft is going to be a recreation of the 1991 classic Sonic the Hedgehog on Megadrive in full 3D. The stages are going to be completely redesigned from the ground up and I'm going to be making the game using the original sprites for each level as well as populating the game with Badnik enemies, animals and new challenging boss fights.
I have future plans to give Sonic 2, 3, Knuckles and CD the same treatment.

Wreck it Ralph Minecraft

This is a project I don't intend to even start for a long time but it's something I've been passionate about doing for a long while now.
I intend to recreate the entire world of Wreck it Ralph from the Movie in Minecraft.
Game Central station will be the central hub and from there you can travel to over a dozen different arcade worlds, from Fix it Felix Jr, Sugar Rush, Hero's Duty to other licenced arcade franchises like Sonic Championship, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and many more.

Shenmue 3: The Complete Saga

Shenmue 3: The Complete Saga is my attempt to continue and finish off Yu Suzuki's Shenmue saga which has been in limbo since the Dreamcast died in 2001.
This project is basically my own interpretation to how I personally envision Shenmue 3, should it ever exist someday. There's going to be 11 chapters in the story bringing Ryo through Guilin, Kowloon and to the Chinese city of Guiyang where the story finally concludes.
The project has been on hold for a long while now but you can read the current 8 chapters of my story here:…
I'll update when the rest are ready,

Hopefully someday I'll turn this into a web comic and maybe even an animated movie or game but for now I'm more concerned with having the story itself finished and uploaded for those interested to be able to read and have some sort of closure with the series, even if it is just a fictional interpretation.

Katherine and Hippoloid

This is a project of mine that I've been passionately taking about for years yet have very little to show for in terms of progress, but Katherine and Hippoloid was my first project that I started when I was 15 and have been very enthusiastic and passionate about ever since.
It's a 5 part story about a girl named Katherine and her best friend Rhys who (while never explained in the story) both have superhuman like abilities to be able to defy gravity and basically travel around the world as freely as a feather.
But in the story their entire world is under attack from an alien invasion lead by an evil tyrant known only as Untitled and a secret resistance group lead by a small hippo named Hippoloid join forces with Katherine & Rhys in an effort to stop the invasion and save both of their worlds from Untitled's rule.

Outside of concept character artwork and the story itself I don't have much to share on the project but I really do hope in the future to be able to turn this into my own video game series, animated series or at the very least a web comic.

This is a project I've been passionate about for most of my entire life now.


This is a project I started when I was in college and was hoping to turn it into a side scrolling horror game for Newgrounds and DeviantArt but my attention has shifted towards other things and the project currently remains in Limbo.
Basically the premise of the project is a 3 part horror series about a teenage boy named Andrew who wakes up in a post apocalyptic future that's completely alien to him. He finds himself all alone in what appears to be a normal city that after sunset becomes Mysteriously infested with zombies, but as he digs deeper into this doomed society he realises that the secrets behind this reality go much, much deeper.

I don't know when I will continue working on this project but concept art for it does exist in my DeviantArt gallery so you can at least have a rough idea of what the project looks like.

Outside of this, I have plenty of other projects in the works, from fan games to animated shorts, comic books and loads more. It's a long road ahead but I'm going to work hard to try and make it all happen. Hopefully you'll enjoy what I have in store.



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So it's been ages since I last updated...

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 3:09 PM

::The Crimson Emo's Journal::

Cross paths by TheCrimsonEmo Dudley St, Birmingham 5 by TheCrimsonEmo Westgate St, Gloucester 5 by TheCrimsonEmo Commission: Katherine and Rhys by QuantumJinx

Hey guys, welcome to my DA page.

Here I plan to bring you all my latest projects for the future as well as upload all my artwork and photography.
My main aspiration in life is to make it big as an animator and game designer, I hopefully wanna move to the big city and set up my own little art studio so I can make my dream happen.
Thanks so much for supporting, and hopefully you'll enjoy my work too when it's ready.
- Ashton

I am grateful for everyone who views and enjoys my work, sorry if I can't respond to every single comment and message I get but I hope you understand, very often I'm really busy and I can only respond to a handful of messages at a time.

If you wanna use my Photography as stock or colour in any of my art, don't hesitate to ask. But please wait for my permission first otherwise I'm going to treat your devitation as art theft and instantly report it.

::So it's been ages since I last updated...::

I really am sorry I'm never around anymore.
I'm not dead and I haven't abandoned this account or have any plans to, I'm just so busy with my life in the real world that I just never have the time nor the energy for much else these days.
Heck my daily routine pretty much consists now of work, eat and sleep with some time on the side for Family Guy and Minecraft.
I dont even really watch movies or play video games that much anymore these days, I'm just too busy all the time.

So what's new? I've now finally moved into my own apartment and am living independent and totally free.
I've been here just over two months now and it's a really nice flat but man, did the housing estate agency really screw me over.
There are so many problems with this apartment it's unreal. There was no hot water when I moved in, half the heaters don't work, the windows don't shut properly, one of the door locks was installed upside down, my bathroom plumbing is leaking into the flat below, I can't access my energy meter which means I'm paying too much for my electric bill...
There's endless problems here I'm still trying to deal with. It's frustrating as well because when I went to view this apartment beforehand, none of these issues were brought up at all, the place was seemingly perfect.

Then the day I finally move in I start to discover all of these issues one by one. If I had known about any of them I never would've taken this place at all, but my contract has me here for a full year so until the end of 2015 I'm stuck here.
It's beyond frustrating but due to the situation i'm in I can honestly do nothing right now but sit and wait for the estate agency to send a contractor to fix these issues.
Due to my demanding job I unfortunately can't be flexible over what days I have off work and neither can he so all I can really do is stay in contact with them on a weekly basis until a window finally opens up for me.

All complaints aside though this really is a nice flat in and of itself and I love the location. It's in the middle of town centre right besides the docks.
It's conveniently close to everything and I'm right next door to a newly built shopping mall which just looks amazing lit up at night.

I've taken loads of photos of the place which I'm eventually planning to upload as a seperate journal giving a tour of the place. The reason I've put off doing that for so long was because I was waiting on a large number of shelves I ordered to arrive which unfortunately got lost in the mail or arrived in the wrong size and it's taken me over a month to get the mess sorted out.

I have finished decorating though and the place looks really cool. A while back me and a friend who stayed over for a few nights spent the day in London and I just went nuts with my christmas bonus, I spent a small fortune in Tokyo Toys buying Sonic Plushies and a haul of other things I don't really need, which really made the store owners day. (Guess business must of been rough?)

And then afterwards I went into a store in Chinatown that was selling K-pop merchandise and spent just shy of £100 on K-pop posters! To my friends utmost frustration I spent hours in the store browsing through them all but I just couldn't help myself, I felt like a kid in a candy store.
I didn't even think I'd find a place to put any of them but when I got home I was just compelled to completely redecorate and found a place for every single poster.

I also spent £100 on chinese ornaments from the store next door which goes to prove just how irresponsible I truly am with my own money. Even the owners of both of those stores were utterly convinced it was some kind of prank and that I was going to change my mind or walk out the shop without buying half of what I had in my hand.
Ahh it was a fantastic day out though and one I'll definitely remember for a long time.
I visit London at least 2 or 3 times a year and every time I do I always see over a dozen things I wish I could take home with me so I really wanted this trip to be special and leave with no regrets whatsoever.
(though I really do wish I could of afforded that giant Lightning Returns Wall Scroll from Tokyo Toys... sigh)

One other really cool thing I've done with my apartment and it was actually both Ashens and Adam Koralik on youtube that inspired me to do this, I've built my own personal little gaming museum in my living room.
I basically took all of my previous gen consoles from childhood to present and set up 4 towers in the living room, each tower is dedicated to paying tribute to each of the console eras.

So you have the Nintendo tower paying tribute to Nintendo's past era (n64, GBC, etc), the Sony tower paying tribute to PS1, PS2, etc, the Xbox tower paying tribute to both Xbox and the original 2005 model 360 and the Sega tower paying tribute to my retro Sega consoles. (mega drive, game gear, saturn, etc)
You'll see it in the photos when I upload them, it does all look really cool.

I'm only planning to stay here until the end of the year regardless of everything else. Despite living on my own, a 1 bedroom apartment just isn't enough space for me. I never even realised until I unpacked everything just how much stuff I actually own.
I want to make it my personal goal to save aside and move into a 2 bedroom apartment before the years end and actually convert the 2nd bedroom into my own personal library and let my book, movie and game collection just grow and grow.
Like seriously the entire room will just be nothing but shelves for my ever expanding collection. The left side just for movies, the right side for gaming and the centre for my books and manga collection.

My real goal however is to build my own private movie theatre. I want to save £10,000 aside either for an 80 inch 4kTV or a 4k projector with a 150-170 inch screen for it and just be in my own world of cinematic paradise.
Ever since I was 4 years old it's always been my dream to own my own private cinema, if just to hook the mega drive up to it and play Sonic 1 on a screen larger than life.
£10,000 seems like an insane price to some to spend on something like that but for me it'll be worth every penny and I can't imagine living without it.

Speaking of which, my Dad recently bought me an electric bike to help me out with my job and I honestly haven't the foggiest idea how I've managed to last this long without it.
Basically if you've never heard of them, electric bikes are just like regular bicycles only they have a motor and are powered by a battery which means you don't have to pedal at all, the bike literally does all of the work for you.
It sounds like an excuse just to be lazy for some but my job is over an hour away from where I live and as I don't own a car, for the past 8 months every single day getting to work has just been a constant battle.

It's exhausting cycling there as its mostly an uphill journey and I can't always rely on the bus as I sometimes finish work after midnight when the busses stop running and even when I did, I was roughly spending £100 a month on bus fare.
Thanks to this new bike though the whole issue has just vanished completely. Getting to work is almost effortless now and getting home is even easier as its mostly all downhill and I have the entire road to myself at night.
The only real pain in the ass and the downside to this bike is that the battery only lasts roughly just over an hour or so (the equivalent of the journey there and back) before it needs to charge again and it is a -royal- pain in the ass getting that battery in and out of the bike as you practically have to take half the bike apart just to get to it.

It's a chore but the benefits overall strongly outweigh the disadvantages of owning one and I honestly can't imagine how I've lasted this long without having this bike.
One other negative I should mention is that the battery only lasts for a year and costs £250+ to get it replaced. It sounds outrageous out loud but honestly again, when you consider how much you're saving by not taking a car or bus to work, the whole thing pays for itself in months, easily.

But anyway onto other things.

Updates are really slow at the moment but I still do work on my projects whenever I possibly can.

I've done a lot more to the city and scenery around Speed Highway and Westopolis in Sonic Adventure Minecraft and built a really impressive indoor swimming park which seriously takes full advantage of Sonic Ethers Ultimate Shaders mod 10.1 and just looks incredible both during the day and lit up at night.
I'll show it off in a video update at some point. I've hooked up a second screen in the living room now using my cintiq tablet so I can have Sonic Adventure and Minecraft running at the same time. That'll help me out a lot when I start creating the rest of the adventure stages and finish off the Mystic Ruins.
So far pretty much all of my attention has gone towards speed highway, as you can imagine, recreating that stage to an accurate degree in Minecraft can take a painstaking amount of time but it really is starting to come together.

As for Shenmue Minecraft, most of the scenery outside of Dobuita going into the highway is completely finished now and the city of Yokosuka is really taking shape in an impressive way.
What's even more impressive still is that I've begun to finally start populating the world with NPC's now. So far there are roughly 400-500 individual NPC's but I plan to make many thousands more in the future. Possibly millions.
I'm constantly looking at inspiration and fashion trends for NPCS on a daily basis so I'll always have plenty of new civilians to keep populating the city with.
Like I said in my previous journal, I don't intend to just keep copy/pasting the same NPC's everywhere, I really want the city to feel alive and believable so I want to make as many unique NPC's as I possibly can so you'll rarely ever see the same person twice.

Minecraft aside, I really do want to get back to working on my other projects that I've casted to the sidelines as well, especially Shenmue 3, Robotnik in Wonderland and katherine & Hippoloid.
For those of you who were following my Shenmue 3 fanfiction when I first started uploading chapters many years ago I can't apologise enough for leaving it aside for as long as I have.
Throughout writing the chapters I just lost all motivation for it due to the lack of interest it was receiving and had a massive writer's block on chapter 9 which to this day has fustrated me to no end because I still haven't been able to overcome that writers block.

I do have a rough draft for the remainder of chapter 8 and some of chapter 11 but chapters 9 and 10 need to be fleshed out in full before I can bring the story to a satisfactory conclusion.
When It's all finished I plan to go back and turn it into a web comic and possibly even take it further someday and develop it into a fully animated feature or even an actual game.
Right now though my main concern is just getting it out there, its far better existing in written form right now than to not exist at all.

As for Robotnik in Wonderland, the whole thing was really just something I came up with for fun as often when I'm at work, I'm so bored out of my mind I have to daydream just to keep my own sanity in check.
Often I fantasize about what the DMC reboot would be like if you replace Dante with other popular video game characters like Mario, Rayman, Johnny Gat or Wei Shen, what Sonic adventure 2 or Sonic heroes would be like if you replaced the entire cast with Kingdom hearts Characters or I just fantasize about random shit, like coming up with my own Ownage prank Sketches or daydreaming about what life would be like if I was the 3rd host/member of Game Grumps alongside Dan and Egoraptor.
(Though for some reason I always imagine Egoraptor being really abusive and hostile towards everyone around him...)

But anyway I'm getting sidetracked, the Robotnik in Wonderland idea just came out of nowhere and it was too epic to let go to waste in my own head so I just had to write it all down and flesh it all out the minute I got home from work.
The thing was I managed to write half the entire story in a single day but then I put it to one side and never found the time or motivation to finish it off.
I do wonder if I should post up now what's already done so you can have a buffet sized sample of what this is all about or if I should hold off until it's completely finished.

In mean in a nutshell the whole thing is basically a retelling of Disney's Alice in Wonderland only starring the AOSTH version of Dr. Robotnik and all the wacky characters he bumps into on his journey.
The whole thing is just completely insane and I take some of the characters roles to extreme levels, such as Sonic taking the role of the White rabbit but also being a sadistic child slave owner who for some reason mistakes Robotnik for one of his escaped child maids, or Wes Weasley (taking the role of both The Dodo and the Carpenter) for some reason being the head of the KKK who helped liberate North Korea so that him and popular characters such as the cast of Winnie the Pooh, Captain Hook, Porky Pig and Fix it Felix Jr. could indulge in their own racism and cannibalism.

I make the whole thing sound gory and offensive but it's really not. I write the whole thing up to be humorous in a way where you'll hate yourself for laughing at half of the jokes in the story but won't be able to resist doing so anyway.
There's even a funny joke involving Ashens and Guru larry sitting pants down on a dishwasher but I won't dare to spoil that.

Katherine and Hippoloid is a project I definately want to get back into as soon as I can. it really frustrates me because this is a project I've been working passionately with since I was 15 years old yet have absolutely nothing to show for besides amatur character sketches of old designs I don't even intend to use anymore.
I really want this to be my flagship project in a way and wish I had all the time in the world to work on it but sadly between balancing a full time job and managing all the other hectic parts of my life, time is always against me.
It's honestly gotten to the point where I've become desperate to win the lottery just so I can quit my job and never have to work again, giving me all the free time in the world I crave to really flesh these projects out and just lock myself away from society to ensure I stay productive.

But yeah, I talk about this project all the time with such passion yet have absolutely nothing worthy to show for it. It's ridiculously embarrassing.
So what is this even all about anyway?
Well the whole thing in a nutshell is pretty much my own perfect vision for a video game series.
Its about these two teenagers living in Exeter City, England (Katherine Brown and Rhys Anderson) who for never explained reasons both have super powers. There's no origin to the story as to why they were born with these powers, it's just perfectly excepted in this world that some teenagers are born with super human abilities. No one bats an eyelid to it. (It's like 2005's The Incredibles)

Anyway they can both pretty much run until their hearts content without ever tiring and leap as high as they want, weighing as light as a feather. The faster they sprint, the higher they can leap. It's just ordinary life in this world, they're not treated like heroes or outlaws or anything of the sort, they're just a bunch of kids out having a good time.
Anyway, they're best friends, they both go to the same school, both enjoy sports. katherine loves running track, Rhys is obsessed with football. That's their life and for Rhys he's perfectly content with it but for katherine, she's going crazy with boredom, dreaming of a life of adventure.

One day changes everything however when a giant alien elephant like monster comes out of nowhere and starts attacking the city centre. people are in panic, police are unable to stop the creature and Katherine just so happens to be caught right in the middle of it and has no choice but to fight the creature.
She defeats the monster after a grueling battle and is treated like a hero but what she didn't realise is that this monster that appeared out of nowhere was just the start of a hostile alien invasion led by a tyrannical dictator known as Untitled.
After witnessing katherine defeat his attacking monster he demands the girl be brought to him and sends out a troop of hunters to track her down.
England is pretty much brought to its knees within the following day as the invasion has begun and the military are facing a losing battle. People are evacuating and Katherine and Rhys both find themselves on the run from the hunters trying to track them down and their own country being brought to it's knees.

Meanwhile, there's a parallel world across the galaxy called Planet Terra which is similar to earth in many ways but is mostly inhabited by intelligent animals. This world is already under Untitled's rule but a small underground resistance group in a small rural kingdom has managed to fight back against Untitled with support from the Hippo King and his kingdom.
The group consists mostly of 4 members, a small pig named Powchow, a muscular, one eyed parrot named Parront, A spy named Squiral and the hippo Kings personal right arm and champion, Hippoloid.
Even though they've been in a losing battle against Untitled's army for many years they still keep close surveillance on him and fight back however they can to defend their home.

They learn Untitled's already invading Earth and tracking down a human girl who was capable of taking down one of his monsters singlehandedly and feel she could be the key to stopping Untitled for good and saving both of their worlds.
They need to get to Katherine before Untitled does and use their technology to send Hippoloid to Earth to find her first.
When the three heroes meet they quickly establish a friendship and take Hippoloid's offer and travel to his homeworld to try and bring down Untitled once and for all.

I won't spoil any more of the plot past that but once the script is complete for the first game I plan to make for the series, I'll post it up to deviantart and again, may even turn it into a web comic series as well.
I'm probably selling it all short by my description of the plot but I personally do have confidence in it all. It's the characters that I really feel make the story work and I really feel a lot of passion when writing them.

I hopefully want to make at least 5 games in the series with a possible 6th on the side.
Plenty more characters will be introduced as the series progresses but what I personally feel will make Katherine and Hippoloid unique is the gameplay.
I've always had this personal vision for huge, vivid and realistic open world environments where you can just run and leap through them, feeling as free as a bird while R&B music plays in the background.
It's really hard to explain it all without any visual aid, I think the best example I can throw at you, is try to picture Sonic the Hedgehog in the real world.

I don't mean Sonic Unleashed, I mean the REAL WORLD. Imagine if actual towns and cities from around the world were mere stages in that game, you have chilled out R&B music in the background setting the mood, you have crazy action and larger than life enemies and you're just running through these environments as if the real world itself was a parkour like action game.
That's how I envision this series and I personally don't feel my life will ever be complete until the day it finally happens. The real questions are just simple when and how.

I'm constantly dancing around the subject of how the games going to be made, do I raise the money, hire a team and make this into an actual published video game series, do I go indie, work under budget with a small team and hope for the best or do I make the game entirely by myself with a game creation tool like multimedia fusion 2, take all the credit but not make any profit from the series.
I really don't know how it will all come together. I'm not about the money at all, I personally just want what's best for the series, but the problem is I don't have money to throw at the project either nor can I ever see myself getting into possession of funding large enough to fund a project this big.
Making the game by myself really may be the way to go but it could take a lifetime.
I guess the future will tell, all I can do is try my best and work hard on it right now and hope it doesn't all end in vain.

Along the way and inbetween all that there are tons of fan games I really want to make in the future as well. I'm always coming up with fun ideas for ambitious sonic fan games, that I just write down but never do anything with, I even recently came up with my own interpretation of Sonic Adventure 3 which I would love to share with the world someday as I put a LOT of great, original ideas into it.
The kind of ideas I've always wanted to see in a Sonic game.
(I won't share it all out in this journal though otherwise we'll be here forever)

But yeah, all I can think about these days is what I'd do if I ever won the lottery. It's bizarrely enough become more of a personal goal for me than a fantasy.
I fantasize about moving into a nice apartment, either in Birmingham, London or Torquay, the three places I've always wanted to live.
I'd travel around the world whenever I desire, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, San Francisco, Manhattan, San Diego...
Most importantly though, I really would have total freedom to work on these projects of mine. Really see them come to life in a way which I feel they deserve to be shown to the world.

I'd also have more free time to work on my art as well. That's something I feel I really do need to bring up.
I know I've been incredibly inactive in uploading any art for the past... possibly over a year now. I haven't given up doing art, I'm just so caught up with my projects and my personal life that it's just something I never have the personal free time for anymore.
I definitely will in the future so again, don't write me off as dead or retired just yet but I honestly couldn't tell you when that ever could be.

I do have a lot of ideas I wanna share with the world though.
One fantasy I do often have that I really wanna share with the world is these really twisted, demonic creepy versions of the Sonic cast I came up with a year ago that have yet to see the light of day.
I always have this fantasy of what the nightclub level from DMC: Devil may Cry would be like if instead of fighting regular demons in that area, instead you'd fight these really twisted, fucked up and absolutely terrifying demonic versions of Sonic and his friends.

The look of them alone would be enough to make Sonic.exe shit his pants in fear.
Sonic looks absolutely horrifying, he has huge spikes with pulsing muscles growing out of them, a really tall skinny frame with huge sharp claws and feet, a terrifying grin and eyes that pierce right into your soul.
He always has this look of absolute terror emitting from his face that says he wants to rape you and then slice you in half with his giant claws and that's exactly what kind of a demon he is.
Apart from being able to teleport from absolutely anywhere to attack you, his main attacks are basically to force you to the ground and anally rape you while laughing maniacally.

Tails on the other hand might sound tame by comparison but his look is even more horrifying.
His face looks like a broken porcelain doll stitched back together with mechanical parts. he has little to no control over his lower lip functions and can only see out of one of his mechanical eyes.
his heart is constantly exposed from the hole in his chest, he has a mechanical chainsaw for one arm and a freakishly long mutant arm that can attack anything from miles away.
he has legs so tall that he's forced to constantly squat and walk like a crab and has tentacle worm like feet for toes.

Knuckles takes the form of a terrifying wild beast. he's completely blind but can sense his prey from anywhere. he walks on all fours like a beast but is incredibly strong and can break anything with his sharp claws.

Amy on the other hand is just as creepy and disgusting as Sonic. Absolutely insane she enjoys running around laughing maniacally while she allows other demonic sonic characters to sexually penetrate her, getting her pregnant so she can give birth to demon spawn within seconds.
her main form of attack is projectile vomiting stomach acid everywhere to defend herself but other than that she's too insane from her own laughter to frankly even care about her own personal well being in the battlefield.

But yeah, creepy, twisted Sonic art aside I would like to someday return to exploring other ideas for art as well.
One idea I had that i'd like to do someday is Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc going on a world tour vacation, visiting other parts of the world like Paris, Hong Kong, etc and meeting other pixar characters there in like a sort of scrapbook vacation style series.
I wouldn't mind doing more pictures of Sonic characters just randomly hanging out and exploring the real world as well, which reminds me, I really should go back and finish off a lot of the art I've long abandoned on this site.
The picture of Ivory in Birmingham, The american mcgee's sonic series... countless others.
I really am just the worst when it comes to commitment, I really am.

But if I'm a man of my word about anything you can at least expect more updates for Sonic Adventure and Shenmue Minecraft. I still work on those projects on an almost daily basis and progress for them still pushes forward.
I do have other minecraft projects I'd like to revisit at some point and plan to go back to segasonic arcade and minecraft world when I can and possibly even start work on bringing the classic sonic games into minecraft as well which is something I'd really love to do.

I don't know where I stand with that animal crossing project though, I haven't made any progress with it since the last update video but tbh for now I'd much rather keep it that way. It was merely a side project and I don't want it distracting me from the rest of my work so for now I'm just going to keep it in limbo a little while longer.
I've personally lost all interest and passion for the animal crossing series anyway. I used to be an avid fan of the series but it just sucks me dry and I just don't have the free time for a game like that these days.
In a weird way my project was supposed to be my way of bidding farewell to the series and giving it a deserving send off.
I don't plan to scrap the project as I have a lot of tools now that would make building that world effortless and a lot faster, but my passion for doing so just isn't there right now and I really just don't need any more distractions so for now I'm leaving it be.

Speaking of distractions though, I've seriously gotten into Angry Grandpa's videos on youtube. Have any of you heard of this guy?
He is just the most insane human being I have ever met yet his videos leave me in stitches every time.
This man is purely insane, here are some of my favorite videos by him:

I seriously can't imagine my day without one or two of his videos, he makes me laugh until it absolutely hurts and I'm gasping for air. He loses his shit over the SMALLEST THING!

I've also really gotten into Hyperdimension Neptunia as well. I bought the idol sim spin-off game 'producing perfection' for the vita last Christmas and it got me hooked into the series.
It's really become my new thing and I just love the anime series and find myself rewatching it countless times over. The comedy from Neptune and the others are just priceless! XD
There's also another series just like it made directly by Sega called Hi-Schoool Seha Girls where the Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast consoles are 3 human girls attending this bizarre high school within Sega's HQ where they have to travel into obscure Sega worlds like virtua fighter, jet set radio and space channel 5 and complete tests in order to earn enough gold coins to graduate.
It's a charming show with fun humour but it just doesn't touch Hyperdimension Neptunia in my books. I can't imagine anything doing so. This series is epic!

3 other things I just wanna quickly cover before I end this journal as I know this has been stretching on forever.

Have any of you been following the whole fiasco behind the latest Seth Rogen film The Interview?
For some reason I've really become interested in North Korea lately. I've always been interested in South Korea's culture and language but for some reason I've just become really interested in North Korea as well.
I've been watching tons of interesting documentaries about the country and people touring Pyongyang, it truly is arguably both the most fascinating and the most terrifying place to live in the entire world. The rules there are insane. Watching pornography, television, internet, music... all punishable by death.
They regulate how you spend your free time, how you cut your hair to even just how much you worship and appreciate the dear leader. It's just an entire world of its own.

But to the point, for those of you who are unaware, Seth Rogen and james Franco recently made a comedy movie saturerising North korea and their leader Kim Jong Un. Needless to say the country went apeshit and wanted the movie taken down at all costs to the point where they were literally ready to go to war if the film had been released.]
Sony eventually caved in under the extreme pressure and gave in to their demands, to which President Obama publicly expressed his disappointment in them for doing so.
You can still see the film online if you know where to look for it and needless to say, it's definitely worth checking out.
The film was absolutely hilarious, really well written and James Franco is just priceless throughout.
This movie will probably never get an official release anywhere so if you want to see it, hunt it down online now. You won't even find it available to rent on PSN. Sony are taking no chances over it.

One other thing I really want to talk about is Halo 2 Anniversary. As I don't own an Xbox One this is probably the first Halo game since the original Halo 2 back in 2004 that I haven't purchased on day one.
I'm hearing nothing but negative things about the games online being a complete broken mess but the remastering done to halo 2 anniversary looks absolutely breathtaking.
Both the newly remastered CG cutscenes and the terminal movies really sucked me into the world of Halo more so than ever before and if you, like me skipped out on the master chief collection as well then I highly recommend checking these out to compensate for it. it's like experiencing a brand new halo game or movie in and of itself.

One final thing I've been dying to make a journal about for ages now.
This really is old news by now but it's a funny story I came across a long while back. Have any of you heard about this? Apparently there's this guy known across the internet as 'Alex from Target'.
Basically the story is, somewhere in Dallas, Texas there was this kid who was working in Target as a grocery bagger. He happens to be an incredibly attractive teenager but apart from that, regular average guy doing his job.
Anyway these two 15 year old girls go up to him and take a candid photo of him while he's not looking and upload it to twitter saying "omg check out this hot guy who bags groceries at target, so dreamy. xxx"
Somehow that spirals out of control and the guy becomes an instant internet celebrity overnight with millions of teen girls around the world idolising him!

It's kinda really hilarious. I mean when you think about it there are people out there who spend their entire lives trying to make a name for themselves online and this kid becomes famous just for... working at Target.
I mean its not so great for him though, from what I hear he was fired for some bizarre reason soon afterwards. I guess his manager was sick of all the fame and attention... why the FUCK you wouldn't want publicity like that in your store is anybody's stupid business but whatever, plus this guys girlfriend then received a ton of death threats from those pre-teen girls soon afterwards. "Im gonna rape you, you cunt" etc etc
Really reminds me of that South Park episode where Britney Spears blew her head off because the world 'wanted her to become famous to a point she couldn't take the stress'
But anyway what's really funny is that this kid was just the START of a new trend.
Soon after he became a viral success there also became 'Keiren from T-mobile', 'Matt from Red Robin', 'Frankie from Starbucks', 'Steve from Starbucks' and 'Quarterback from Heritage High School' to name a few.
Its just become this crazy trend where girls are picking out random guys and making them internet famous.
I just thought I'd share that because I found it both depressing and hilarious at the same time.

One final thing before I really wrap this up.
I keep coming across these videos online of people exploring 'Wish Road' from Shenmue and all these other hidden, beta and inaccessible areas and it's making me red with envy,

Seriously how are they doing this?? I really wanna try it for myself someday.
In a crude, Bizarre and almost sad way, my Shenmue Minecraft project is almost my own way of compensating for the fact that I don't know how to explore these closed off areas hidden in the game.
A youtube user by AlphaPhoenix has some incredible shenmue videos just like this as well. I really would love to do it someday.

OH! And that reminds me! A friend only told me this recently but Sonic retro apparently have a demo of Sonic Xtreme up for grabs! This is the first time to my knowledge that the infamously cancelled game has been released to the public so get it while it's still hot.

But yeah apart from that I'm going to finally wrap this up here. I don't normally make journals this long but I wanted to post all of my thoughts into one huge journal rather than posting separate smaller ones because I just honestly don't have the time for it anymore.
Hell I originally meant to post this very journal in December when I first moved but just kept putting it off and redrafting it over and over as the months went by.

I don't know how often I will or can update because of how busy I always am these days but I really would like to try and pick up where I left off and actually start being more productive here again.

Just know at least that I'm not dead and haven't abandoned this account even though I'm hardly ever visibly active.
If the worst case scenario ever happens and this profile ever vanishes for whatever reason it could possibly happen, I do have an inkbunny account on standby as a backup just for my art.
and I'm still active as always on youtube whenever I can be as well.…
I still have a load of gameplay videos I made a year ago that I never found the time to edit that I still need to get through and upload and I was also in the middle of uploading a HD playthrough of Alice Madness Returns as well. I really need to get back to that. I uploaded the first 8 parts and just forgot all about it.
Honest to god, I am absolutely horrible when it comes to committing to anything. It really is one of my greatest flaws.

Well anyway sorry again for the incredibly long read, I hope it wasn't too painful to get through.
Until next time, take care!

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