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Sonic Adventure Minecraft

The goal of Sonic Adventure Minecraft is to recreate the entire game of Sonic Adventure in Minecraft as well as include brand new areas you can explore.
Massively expanding upon the city of Station Square and turning it into a real city with locations from other well known Sonic games thrown in as well.
There are hundreds of unique pedestrians in the game you can interact with as well as Chao populating the Chao Gardens and badnik/enemies populating the action stages.

You can download Beta V3 of the project from here:…
You will need to be using Minecraft 1.6.4 to run the map properly. Everything you need will be provided for with the download file though please be aware it may be a lengthy and complicated process if you haven't already adapted to Minecraft 1.6.4.

Visit the archive section of my journal if you want to download any previous versions of the project.

You can see plenty of videos of the project in action on my youtube channel here:…

Shenmue Minecraft

The goal of Shenmue Minecraft, like Sonic Adventure Minecraft is to recreate the entire game of both Shenmue 1 and 2 in Minecraft, complete with my own unique areas and locations to create a huge expansive world out of an old game.
The map of Yokosuka in this project is going to be huge and will cover many unique districts that will be new to Shenmue fans such as Aida Park, Lamistar Shopping District, Takome Village, etc.

In the final version, you'll be able to travel from Yokosuka to Hong Kong through Amnihama Station which will take you to Wan Chai, Kowloon, Guilin, Shanghai, Tokyo and Guiyang, the city featured in my Shenmue 3 fan-fiction novel.… (Guiyang being heavily inspired by the map from Sleeping Dogs)

I also plan to populate the city with thousands of unique NPC's, both familiar and original. (Though in the current betas you'll only be able to interact with Shenmue exclusive characters)

You can download Beta V2 of the project from here:…
You will need to be using Minecraft 1.6.4 to run the map properly. Everything you need will be provided for with the download file though please be aware it may be a lengthy and complicated process if you haven't already adapted to Minecraft 1.6.4.

Minecraft World

As well as both Shenmue and Sonic Adventure, I've also started working on another major project where I plan to recreate real life towns and cities across the UK using Minecraft and Google Maps. Each town and city is going to be it's own project but the overall project is going to simply be called Minecraft World.
So far I'm just going to be focusing on each town's shopping center and working my way out into the suburban and industrial areas later on. My focus right now is Cheltenham Spa and Exminster Village but I'll soon be spreading out into Birmingham, Gloucester, Exeter, Exmouth, Paignton, Goodrington, Torquay, Bristol, London, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, Stroud, Brixham, Sidmouth, and Seoul (South Korea).

I have plenty of other towns and cities planned afterwards if I feel it's worth the effort, but these 17 areas will be my main focus for the time being.
None of this should really interfere with both Sonic Adventure and Shenmue Minecraft, it's really more of a side project to go alongside them.
I'll keep updating on the progress as I go so for now, watch this space.

Other Projects

Animal Crossing Minecraft

This is a side project I'm working on in an attempt to bring the world of Animal Crossing to Minecraft. The finished version is going to be a huge world of over 20 unique villages all connected by a railway system, a large city and small town to explore, a tropical resort island and even chao gardens. Every single existing Animal Crossing NPC will be part of the project as well as over 50 human residents that you can interact with.
No word on when the project will be finished but as it's much smaller than my other projects, I'd much rather release the finished version for download instead of releasing updated beta versions every year.

You can see an early sneak preview of the project here:

SegaSonic ArcadeCraft

The goal of this project is to recreate the 1992 arcade cabinet game, SegaSonic Arcade in Minecraft, letting you play with either Sonic, Ray or Mighty as you have to traverse each of the 7 stages of Eggman's Island and survive the deadly traps and obstacles along the way.
This is only a short project so I plan to release the full game for download when it's ready, rather than releasing earlier builds for download every year.
You can see an early sneak preview of the project down below.

Sonic 1 Minecraft

Sonic 1 Minecraft is going to be a recreation of the 1991 classic Sonic the Hedgehog on Megadrive in full 3D. The stages are going to be completely redesigned from the ground up and I'm going to be making the game using the original sprites for each level as well as populating the game with Badnik enemies, animals and new challenging boss fights.
I have future plans to give Sonic 2, 3, Knuckles and CD the same treatment.

Wreck it Ralph Minecraft

This is a project I don't intend to even start for a long time but it's something I've been passionate about doing for a long while now.
I intend to recreate the entire world of Wreck it Ralph from the Movie in Minecraft.
Game Central station will be the central hub and from there you can travel to over a dozen different arcade worlds, from Fix it Felix Jr, Sugar Rush, Hero's Duty to other licenced arcade franchises like Sonic Championship, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and many more.

Shenmue 3: The Complete Saga

Shenmue 3: The Complete Saga is my attempt to continue and finish off Yu Suzuki's Shenmue saga which has been in limbo since the Dreamcast died in 2001.
This project is basically my own interpretation to how I personally envision Shenmue 3, should it ever exist someday. There's going to be 11 chapters in the story bringing Ryo through Guilin, Kowloon and to the Chinese city of Guiyang where the story finally concludes.
The project has been on hold for a long while now but you can read the current 8 chapters of my story here:…
I'll update when the rest are ready,

Hopefully someday I'll turn this into a web comic and maybe even an animated movie or game but for now I'm more concerned with having the story itself finished and uploaded for those interested to be able to read and have some sort of closure with the series, even if it is just a fictional interpretation.

Katherine and Hippoloid

This is a project of mine that I've been passionately taking about for years yet have very little to show for in terms of progress, but Katherine and Hippoloid was my first project that I started when I was 15 and have been very enthusiastic and passionate about ever since.
It's a 5 part story about a girl named Katherine and her best friend Rhys who (while never explained in the story) both have superhuman like abilities to be able to defy gravity and basically travel around the world as freely as a feather.
But in the story their entire world is under attack from an alien invasion lead by an evil tyrant known only as Untitled and a secret resistance group lead by a small hippo named Hippoloid join forces with Katherine & Rhys in an effort to stop the invasion and save both of their worlds from Untitled's rule.

Outside of concept character artwork and the story itself I don't have much to share on the project but I really do hope in the future to be able to turn this into my own video game series, animated series or at the very least a web comic.

This is a project I've been passionate about for most of my entire life now.


This is a project I started when I was in college and was hoping to turn it into a side scrolling horror game for Newgrounds and DeviantArt but my attention has shifted towards other things and the project currently remains in Limbo.
Basically the premise of the project is a 3 part horror series about a teenage boy named Andrew who wakes up in a post apocalyptic future that's completely alien to him. He finds himself all alone in what appears to be a normal city that after sunset becomes Mysteriously infested with zombies, but as he digs deeper into this doomed society he realises that the secrets behind this reality go much, much deeper.

I don't know when I will continue working on this project but concept art for it does exist in my DeviantArt gallery so you can at least have a rough idea of what the project looks like.

Outside of this, I have plenty of other projects in the works, from fan games to animated shorts, comic books and loads more. It's a long road ahead but I'm going to work hard to try and make it all happen. Hopefully you'll enjoy what I have in store.



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Shenmue HD, Bump Mapping and reflective lighting.

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 10, 2014, 7:09 PM

::The Crimson Emo's Journal::

Cross paths by TheCrimsonEmo Dudley St, Birmingham 5 by TheCrimsonEmo Westgate St, Gloucester 5 by TheCrimsonEmo Commission: Katherine and Rhys by QuantumJinx

Hey guys, welcome to my DA page.

Here I plan to bring you all my latest projects for the future as well as upload all my artwork and photography.
My main aspiration in life is to make it big as an animator and game designer, I hopefully wanna move to the big city and set up my own little art studio so I can make my dream happen.
Thanks so much for supporting, and hopefully you'll enjoy my work too when it's ready.
- Ashton

I am grateful for everyone who views and enjoys my work, sorry if I can't respond to every single comment and message I get but I hope you understand, very often I'm really busy and I can only respond to a handful of messages at a time.

If you wanna use my Photography as stock or colour in any of my art, don't hesitate to ask. But please wait for my permission first otherwise I'm going to treat your devitation as art theft and instantly report it.

::Shenmue HD, Bump Mapping and reflective lighting.::

A few weeks ago I came across this amazing Shenmue fan project made by a Korean Shenmue fan by the name of Kid Nocon.
His project painstakingly recreated a small section of the east side of Dobuita from Shenmue in beautiful high definition 3D, showing off what Shenmue could possibly look like had it been made with the technology of today rather than 15 years ago for the Sega Dreamcast.

The project inspired me to try and think of more ways in which I could take my own minecraft projects further. I've tried nearly every single technique in the book to improve the look of my worlds from adding detailed shader packs to improve the visual quality, populating the map with human civilians to even subtle improvements such as adding real working quicksand to the Desert Dodge stage in my SegaSonic Arcade recreation.
I've explored nearly every single trick I could think of but then I discovered a technique which some high profile texture pack creators use to improve the look of their worlds by adding new layers to each individual texture file to create bump mapping (Normal mapping).
Bump mapping is a visual effect used in all modern video games these days to make flat surfaces and textures look more three dimensional and realistic. I didn't think the technique was even possible in minecraft and looking at the way people talk about the process in forums, it seemed extremely complicated to do, but after watching a few tutorials on youtube, it actually seems surprisingly easy to get into.

You're basically just making 3 different versions of each texture in the game, having one texture as standard, one that you'll use to add an extra layer of detail to create a pop-out 3D effect and a final layer used for reflective lighting to give the textures added glossy effect.
I'm no pixel artist but this is something I'm seriously eager to give a try. Hopefully it could add some serious detail to my worlds that they're desperately lacking right now.

I've discovered a great program called Crazybumps that does all the hard work for me.
I've now spent the past two days going through every single texture in my worlds and improved upon them significantly.
Every texture is now greatly detailed, has reflective lighting and even reacts accordingly to the weather.
Just walking around Station Square as massive puddles form in the rain and you can see the reflection of the tall skyscrapers from the puddles in the roads as beads of water shimmer light off of the grass is a thing of beauty.
It really does have to be experienced to be believed.
I may have to make another video update soon just to show you all how it looks. It really is something worth bragging about once you've seen it in action.
I'm not sure if I'll add the same detail to my Animal Crossing world, part of Animal Crossing's appeal is it's cartoony aesthetics so I may leave it be, but I will at least experiment with it a little first to see if I like the results or not.

Update #2:
Sorry It's been a while since my last journal, I actually meant to post this months ago but I've been having major problems with my laptop and have been really busy with work so it just sunk to the bottom of my to do list.
To cut a long story short, my laptop was hit with serious malware and while removing it accidently took out some system files in the process which the laptop needs to run in order to function properly. The laptop still works but I decided its time to jump ship anyway and moved all of my data to my gaming PC instead.
I don't really need 3 computers at the end of the day anyway, and once I finally get around to fixing up my much older laptop I'll get all the data off of that one and just have this one PC for everything. I'll probably just buy an extra 2TB hard drive to backup my data and leave it at that.
But anyway back to minecraft.
I actually DID make those videos I mentioned in my previous update which I'll link down below

The first video is showing off Sonic Adventure minecraft as I travel around Station Square as Sonic in 3rd person with Tails following me. I play around with the weather to show you the realistic weather changes and puddle forming effects, show off the improvements to Westopolis and progress with the Mystic Ruins, then for the remaining half of the video show off Shenmue Minecraft with the changing weather effects as well.
The 2nd video is just showing off SegaSonic Arcadecraft with the new texture packs. I've added more lava to Volcanic Vault and added the basic layout to Landslide Limbo to the map but other than that its not significantly different to the previous video I made for the project.

The BIG news however is that I recently came across another fantastic mod for minecraft that seriously helps speed up the production progress. It's basically an improved version of a faster build mod I used to use in the older versions of my project only the mod has been perfected now (as it was incredibly glitchy in the older versions) and they've added tons of new features that make world building a breeze.
The most important feature they've added is the ability to clone and copy structures and objects in minecraft, which has SERIOUSLY helped me in building Yokosuka Highway in Shenmue Minecraft. Before I was having to build each and every single building, traffic light, street light and tree by scratch following my blueprints of the city to a tee, now I can just merely copy and paste everything to wherever I want it.
it's shaven months, if not entire years of hard labour to my project and I can't believe how well it's all coming together. It's far better than I could of possibly imagined.

Yokosuka Highway is huge and an entire district of the city alone can take months to build, this mod saves me a significant amount of time but it's still going to be ages before you see this project in a completed state.
I at least have a small chunk of the city down to a near completed state though and I can't wait to show it off either through screenshots or another video. It looks better than I could of possibly imagined and I dream of the day when I see other people on youtube exploring my work in amaze as they explore the city with their friends.
It really makes it all worth it when you see your work in action from the perspectives of other people.

I really should start populating the city soon anyway and make more Shenmue NPC's. Dobuita looks extremely barren with only a few characters populating the entire area, its almost depressing to walk through.
My vision is to have millions of NPCS populating the city, living their own busy lives. What I intend to do is have each area of the map separated into zones, where each zone will house every single individual NPC only once, so you'll never, ever see clones of the same NPC within several miles of each other.
Y'know unlike most sandbox games where you can see clones of the same NPCS walking side by side as if they don't even care that half the men and women in the city look exactly like them with different coloured clothing.
That's something I definitely want to avoid so each and every single NPC will be individually hand crafted and placed in a certain location so you'll rarely ever see a familiar face within any proximity to each other.

But anyway enough of that, onto other things.

I'm getting ready to move out very soon now. I still need to fill out odd forms here and there but its mostly all finalised and I should be moving into my own place by December.
I can't wait. I really want to buy a PS4 and Xbox one before then as there are a load of upcoming games I'm really hyped for such as the master chief collection and a ton of other remastered editions of games I already own that I'm eager to rebuy.
'Cus' y'know screw buying new games when you can just buy your old collection again.
No but seriously I am eager to see how sleeping dogs, saints row IV and GTA V play out on next gen systems. Even if it is just for improved framerate, sharper visuals and more NPCS in the city streets.
The real tough choice is trying to decide which console to get if I can't afford both. PS4 is easily the wiser investment long term but all the games I'm interested in are coming to Xbox One and PS4 doesn't have a single exclusive so far that interests me.
Its a really tough decision...

I really wanna get back into pokemon as well. I was watching the pokemon origins movie 2 weeks ago. It was total garbage like everything the pokemon anime series touches in my personal opinion but it really did remind me of why I used to be a pokemon fan in the first place, so i'm really eager to go back and get into the series from scratch.
I've been meaning to catch up with pokemon for years now but could never find the time for it. Everyone else is on Pokemon X and Y and I haven't even got past Ruby and Sapphire on the GBA yet.
I personally felt the transition they made from Red/blue/Yellow to Gold/Silver/Crystal was perfect as they introduced us to an entire new generation of pokemon just before the series was risking getting stale, but then the series started progressing way too fast for me to even keep up with and I just couldn't get into the changes they made with Ruby and Sapphire.
Thats the thing with Pokemon nowadays, you've either got to be totally 100% committed to the series or you get left behind so fast, they would of released another 7 games and 2 more anime spin-offs before you manage to keep up again.
I'm determined to though, starting right from the beginning with Pokemon Blue (as thats the only 1st generation pokemon game I've yet to play through), then pokemon yellow, silver, ruby, sapphire, emerald, leaf green, pearl, platinum, heart gold, black, black 2, then X.
Then I'll go back and revisit whatever game I missed.
I'm determined to play em all!

On a different note I still can't believe nintendo is releasing yet ANOTHER 3DS! I was still burned when they announced the 3DS XL just when I was planning on buying a PS vita and felt too damn compelled to buy one.
Now they've announced yet another revision with added buttons, enhanced 3D effect and FASTER PROCESSING SPEEDS!
Argh, damn you Nintendo! I feel so tempted to buy this it's not even funny. and tbh I've been using my 3DS XL as nothing but an alarm clock for the past several months now.
I still regret selling my original 3DS to CEX, I only got a measly £40 out of it and I could of given it to my sister instead.
pfft, if Nintendo hadn't removed Swap Note I'd get much more use out of the system. She's off to university soon and it could of been a fantastic way to keep in touch.
Seriously they got rid of my favorite feature on the system for the most juvenile reason ever.
Kids were sending titty pics. So what? If they're old enough to know what tits are then there's no point in trying to bloody censor them, is there?
Why ruin the application for EVERYONE else who was enjoying it perfectly fine as a messaging system?
Ass Tourists!
Space Tits!
Mud Burglar!

What else is new? Oh yeah, I'm trying to get back to work on both my katherine and Hippoloid project and my Shenmue 3 fan fiction novel.
It's hard to concentrate or find inspiration because I never really get the free time to work on it but hopefully sometime next year I'm going to book a week or two off work, book a hotel in Exmouth and spend the week exploring Devon.
visit all the nostalgic places I grew up in as a child and really get some inspiration to write again. It worked wonders for me last time I visited and I need that creative spark back again.

I have this really cool idea when I move into my new apartment next month, as I've always fantasized about living in a skyscraper apartment with a nice view of Birmingham or London, to actually have photographs of the city blown up and stuck on the wall so it looks like an actual window to the city is in the room.
I found the perfect photos to use as well. I want one of Birmingham for my bedroom, one of London in the Living room and maybe one of Torquay in the bathroom.
It'll be like each room in the apartment has a window to some of my favorite places in the country.
I do own hundreds of posters I've collected over the years though that have been collecting in a pile in the corner of my room so the real question is wall space at the end of the day.
I think it's a brilliant idea regardless though and any image I don't use I can always use for vita, Xbox or PC wallpapers, so nothing will really go to waste.

Speaking of which, the vita got an interesting update this week that lets you customise the theme of the system, rather than just the background image.
Its still really restrictive on what can and can't be changed, but its an interesting feature nonetheless and I made a really interesting shenmue theme out of it.
I hear you can change the background music as well but I've yet to see an option for it.
I only really use my vita during breaks when i'm at work anyway so I always have that feature turned off as not to annoy those around me but it'll be interesting to see if I can actually make my vita play like Shenmue's title screen or any main menu/title screen to a game franchise I like.
its a cool little feature.

Going back to my apartment though the thing I think I'm most eager to do is decorate. The tiny room I live in now is an absolute mess because I have so much stuff - I mean its gotten to the point where I can't even access my own movie collection anymore.
Not that i'm a hoarder or anything, I just don't see the point in throwing anything away until I have my own place to live and have more space to work with.
I'm thinking of having an entire wall in my living room dedicated to serve as a large shelving unit, so I can have all of my games, movies and books on the wall, organised from A-z
Maybe another shelving unit in the bedroom just for music, retro games and comic books.
I'll have a big media shelving unit for my TV and every single one of my games consoles on display from PS4 to Sega Saturn. Might even get out the systems I have in storage like my original mega drive, xbox, Gamecube and n64 just for collectors sake.
I still have my sega saturn and dreamcast hooked up to my Tv, even though I never use them.
I wouldn't mind having a sofa in my room and stick my plushies on there as well. Roxas from Kingdom hearts, L from Death Note, Len and Rin, even my rare Sonic Adventure Chao Plush.
I'll turn this into a real gamers apartment.
I'll even have an area in the place just for all of my disney infinity figurines. Why not?

The really cool thing about where I live is that it's right next door to a new shopping mall that was built in the town centre. Literally right next door.
The Sainsbury's store I used to work for is only around the corner and there's bus stop right outside of my front door.
You couldn't ask for more convenience!

One more thing I wanna talk about before I wrap this all up.
Very recently I started writing my own really funny adaption to Alice in Wonderland starring AOSTH Robotnik
Its only halfway finished so far but it is seriously the funniest thing I have ever written.
Its dark, twisted and absolutely hilarious. I mean it, I really go all out this time and try not to censor myself. There are jokes about Disney Characters being tied with the KKK, jokes about North Korean Cannibalism, Sonic the Hedgehog owning abused Child Slaves, the list goes on...
The whole thing is basically Disney's Alice and Wonderland retold through the eyes of AOSTH Robotnik but it features tons of popular cartoon characters who make random cameos ranging from the cast of Coonskin, Howard the duck, Chun-Li, the police chief from Freakazoid... even Ashens and Guru Larry have a very twisted and bizarre cameo during a scene in the white rabbits cottage.
I won't dare spoil it all but as soon as it's finished I'll post it up for you all to read and at some point down the line turn it into a web comic and maybe even an animated movie, who knows?

One last thing before I end this.
This song from Sleeping Dogs, I've seriously had it stuck in my head for a full week on a constant neverending loop. It seriously will not go away.

This is almost as bad as the time I got to Lilliths nightclub in DMC and had that techno rave song stuck in my head for months. These songs just don't go away!!

::My Current Projects::

Sonic Adventure Minecraft - Beta V3 out now
Shenmue Minecraft - Beta V2 out now
Minecraft Exminster
Minecraft Cheltenham
SegaSonic ArcadeCraft
Shenmue 3: The Complete Saga
Katherine and Hippoloid

::Minecraft Archive::

Sonic Adventure Minecraft

Beta Version 1 download:…
Beta Version 2 pre-release download:…
Beta Version 2 download:…
Beta Version 3 download…
Update archive #1:…
Update archive #2:…
Minecraft Forum:…
Planet Minecraft:…
Feature on TSSZ News:…

Shenmue Minecraft

Beta Version 1 pre-release download:…
Beta Version 1 download:…
Beta Version 2 download:…
Feature on Pushsquare:…
Feature on AreaGames:…
Feature on GamesBlog:…
Featuere on N4G:…
(more links found above)

::You can catch me on these sites::

Xbox Gamertag - The Crimson Emo
PSN Gamertag - TheCrimsonEmo
3DS Friend Code - 4639-8966-3635… (Youtube) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (InkBunny) (Newgrounds)… (Google+)… (Pinterest)… (stumbleupon) (Gravatar)

Other links… - My top 50 games and movies list of 2014… - My top 20 video game villains of all time list… - My own video games quiz. Go ahead, give it a try!… - My video game Christmas musical parody… - Dr. Eggman's Cross Dimensional Adventure… - My Disney infinity Review… - My Alice Madness Returns Review… - My American McGee's Alice Preview… - My Crazy Taxi 360/PS3 Review… - My Halo Reach Preview… - My Shenmue in The Sims 2 Project… - My flash projects list… - Curse of the Tails Doll, my short horror novel… - How to explore the underbelly of the Egg Carrier… - My Weazel News skit.… - Download Laura Bailey as a playable character in Saints Row: The Third


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My jobs nothing really special. I work as a porter for a hotel out in the countryside.
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