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Sonic Adventure Minecraft

Sonic Adventure Minecraft is a project I've dedicated myself to for the past 4 years now.
The goal of the project is to bring the entire world of Sonic Adventure into Minecraft and give it new life as a huge Open World sim, rather than just an action game. The city of Station Square is going to be absolutely huge, rivalling the likes of Grand Theft Auto in scale while still paying homage to the Sonic Universe in which it's set.

Every single action stage from Sonic Adventure will be faithfully recreated and presented in the world of Minecraft as you remember it but with new areas to explore to add to the experience.
The crown jewel of it all though will be with the city of Station Square itself. Miraculous detail has gone into building the city from just a simple hub world into a unique, living breathing city. There are hundreds of places to explore from water parks, casinos, department stores, shopping malls, apartment buildings, subways, train stations, Chao gardens and much more.

In the current build of the game you can explore a huge chunk of the city, all of Speed Highway, parts of Twinkle Park, Casinopolis and the Mystic Ruins as well as 4 huge shopping malls, department stores, hotels, train stations and many other interiors.
The finished build of the project will feature the entire game of Sonic Adventure fully recreated in an open world, merged in with the entire city of Station Square that was featured in the Sonic X TV series as well as many unique locations of my own design.

The entire map in the final build will be populated with thousands of unique NPCS as well as many other Sonic characters that will cameo throughout the game and can even tag along with you on your adventure.
It will be years however before this all comes to fruition so until then I'll keep updating with progress and will release updated builds here at least once a year.

You can download Beta V4 of the project from here:…
You will need to be using Minecraft 1.6.4 to run the map properly unless you're willing to update and run the included files yourself. Everything you'll need will be provided for with the download file however.

You can see plenty of videos of the project in action on my youtube channel here:…

Shenmue Minecraft

Shenmue Minecraft, like Sonic Adventure Minecraft above, is going to be a huge open world sim set within the world of Shenmue. The entire world of Shenmue 1, 2 and 3 will be faithfully recreated in the project as you remember it but the world itself will also be heavily expanded to offer new areas to explore.

Yokosuka is going to be a huge open world city with many unique places to explore. The newly built train station in Amihama will act as a hub to let you explore other locations around Asia that weren't originally even featured in Shenmue including Tokyo, Shanghai, Guiyang, Maceu and Quebec to name a few.

There will be tons of content to explore in the final build of the project and thousands of unique NPC's you can interact and converse with as well. All of your favorite characters from the series will feature in the game as well as fun easter egg cameos from other well known Sega franchises hidden throughout the map.

You can download Beta V3 of the project from here:…
You will need to be using Minecraft 1.6.4 to run the map properly though everything you'll need will be provided for within the download file.

Sonic Craft Adventure

Sonic Craft Adventure is a huge Sonic fan project i'm working on within Minecraft.
The project is going to be a massive action platformer paying tribute to both the early and modern Sonic the Hedgehog games from his 25 year history while still being completely original in it's own design.
There are going to be over 30 unique worlds you can explore within the game, each with their own different branching pathways and routes making each playthrough completely unique.

The entire game within itself is going to be a tribute celebrating Sonic's entire history. Many memorable characters, enemies and locations will also feature and cameo within the game as you progress with a much bigger reward given to those who manage to complete the game and defeat Dr. Eggman.

You can download the early alpha demo of the project from here:…

Other Projects

Project Gangnam

This was a project that originally started off as a small experimental passion project revolving around members of the Korean pop band SHINee but quickly evolved into a huge open world second life simulator that's now become both my passion and my main focus going forward.

Project Gangnam is an open world role playing game where you play as a member of SHINee and together the five of you are running a small restaurant in the heart of Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The interesting twist of the game is that it's not just a restaurant simulator. Outside of the restaurant is an entire, densely populated open world to explore. There's plenty to see and do outside of work hours, you can eat at fast food restaurants, go shopping at the mall, buy clothes in any of the local department stores, visit the huge indoor theme park and tech expo, watch movies at the large multiplex cinema, play indoor go karting or hit the swimming baths at the recreation centre, visit Gangnam's underground subway station, visit a music concert and see your favourite bands perform on stage, visit the park, relax and read a book, walk along the riverbank or just chill at your apartment until the day's over.

It's more of a second life simulator than a job simulator and how you tackle the game is entirely up to you.
Having other friends to play with is highly recommended.

Minecraft World

Minecraft World is another open world simulation project I'm building on the side.
It's in too early of it's stages to really show it off but the goal of the project is to bring real towns and cities to life within Minecraft, fully populated with thousands of unique pedestrians and traffic to really bring the locations to life.

My focus right now is on my other already established projects above but the towns and cities I'm planning to include with this project so far are Cheltenham, Exminster, Birmingham, Gloucester, Exeter, Exmouth, Paignton, Goodrington, Torquay, Bristol, London, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, Stroud, Brixham, Sidmouth, and Seoul (South Korea).
I may include more locations in the future or even tone this list down but it's really too early to say right now where the project is headed.

SegaSonic ArcadeCraft

The goal of this project is to recreate the 1992 arcade cabinet game, SegaSonic Arcade in Minecraft, letting you play with either Sonic, Ray or Mighty as you have to traverse each of the 7 stages of Eggman's Island and survive the deadly traps and obstacles along the way.
This is only a short project so I plan to release the full game for download when it's ready, rather than releasing earlier builds for download every year.
You can see an early sneak preview of the project down below.

Animal Crossing Minecraft

This is a side project I'm working on in an attempt to bring the world of Animal Crossing to Minecraft. The finished version is going to be a huge world of over 20 unique villages all connected by a railway system, a large city and small town to explore, a tropical resort island and even chao gardens. Every single existing Animal Crossing NPC will be part of the project as well as over 50 human residents that you can interact with.
No word on when the project will be finished but as it's much smaller than my other projects, I'd much rather release the finished version for download instead of releasing updated beta versions every year.

You can see an early sneak preview of the project here:

Katherine and Hippoloid

This is a project of mine that I've been passionately taking about for years yet have very little to show for in terms of progress, but Katherine and Hippoloid was my first project that I started when I was 15 and have been very enthusiastic and passionate about ever since.
It's a 5 part story about a girl named Katherine and her best friend Rhys who (while never explained in the story) both have superhuman like abilities to be able to defy gravity and basically travel around the world as freely as a feather.
But in the story their entire world is under attack from an alien invasion lead by an evil tyrant known only as Untitled and a secret resistance group lead by a small hippo named Hippoloid join forces with Katherine & Rhys in an effort to stop the invasion and save both of their worlds from Untitled's rule.

Outside of concept character artwork and the story itself I don't have much to share on the project but I really do hope in the future to be able to turn this into my own video game series, animated series or at the very least a web comic.

This is a project I've been passionate about for most of my entire life now.

Outside of this, I have plenty of other projects in the works, from fan games to animated shorts, comic books and loads more. It's a long road ahead but I'm going to work hard to try and make it all happen. Hopefully you'll enjoy what I have in store.



:icontutanvaly: :iconeyewatcher2010: :iconkatyamlie: :iconwhites211: :iconprionace1:

Just a quick update

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 3:51 PM

::The Crimson Emo's Journal::

Hey guys, welcome to my DA page.

Here I plan to bring you all my latest projects for the future as well as upload all my artwork and photography.
My main aspiration in life is to make it big as an animator and game designer, I hopefully wanna move to the big city and set up my own little art studio so I can make my dream happen.
Thanks so much for supporting, and hopefully you'll enjoy my work too when it's ready.
- Ashton

I am grateful for everyone who views and enjoys my work, sorry if I can't respond to every single comment and message I get but I hope you understand, very often I'm really busy and I can only respond to a handful of messages at a time.

If you wanna use my Photography as stock or colour in any of my art, don't hesitate to ask. But please wait for my permission first otherwise I'm going to treat your devitation as art theft and instantly report it.

::Just a quick update::

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick update to let everyone know whats going on.
I did have a bigger journal planned and prepared but decided to brush it under the rug just for a quick update to let you all know I'm not dead.

I've been really busy with work the last couple of months so most of my other ventures have unfortunately had to take a backseat because of it and probably will for a long time.
Going forward the only two projects I'm really going to be focusing on are SMTown (which I've decided now to rename Project Gangnam) and Sonic Craft Adventure.

Both of these projects I have an unbelievable amount of passion for and progress has been incredible so far.
I'm planning to release a new video update soon and even an early access beta build of Project Gangnam so you can see for yourself what's been accomplished.

This I know is a huge disappointment for those who were fans of my Sonic Adventure and Shenmue Minecraft projects but I just can't spare the time right now for all of these projects and going forward, these are the two I'd much rather focus on as they truly feel like they're both my own creations, rather than merely adapting another work that already exists.

That's not to say I didn't have any passion for the latter two projects nor am I planning on canning them in anyway but for the time being I'd much rather focus all the time I can spare on the former two projects rather than the latter.

It's frustrating but my job unfortunately takes up more time than I wish it did as I basically have to work around the clock just to be able to get by every week.

I'm contemplating moving into a smaller apartment just to not have to stress over living expenses as much but at the same time I really don't want to have to give up half my possessions and move into a rougher neighbourhood just to have more money in the bank.
It's rough but all I can really do right now is just go with the tide and see where it takes me.

Going back to my projects though I do still want to try and make the time on the side to get back into art and making web comics when I can ever find the time for it.
I'm trying to convert space in my home for an office/art studio area and even bought some professional equipment to help me going forward but again, finding the free time has always been my biggest obstacle.

But for the future I do at the very least want to see Project Gangnam, Sonic Craft Adventure and when It'll ever get started, Katherine and Hippoloid completed.

Goodness me. I started Katherine and Hippoloid when I was 15 and STILL have never even so much finished a script, finished designing the characters or have done much of anything to bring this series to life, despite how often I mention it on this page.
It's embarrassing.

It's always on the forefront of my mind though and I'm constantly experimenting with fresh ideas to bring the series forward.

Hopefully soon I can book some time off work and actually start implementing them.
Start really bringing this series to life.
I wanna start this series off as a 4 part web series with a potential 5th and 6th installment on the side if I feel I have it in me.
From there I'll see what I can do about turning this series into an actual game but I at the very least want this project to exist in some form or another before anything major can happen.

But yeah, to wrap this up. I'm not dead, I'm somewhat more active on my YouTube page than I am on here but I will still come by with updates every now and so on. I still do art on the side and have even started a rough draft for Dr. Eggman's Cross Dimensional Adventure and Robotnik in Wonderland so yeah, those are another two projects of mine which I assure are not dead or forgotten.

But going forward, Project Gangnam, Sonic Craft Adventure and Katherine and Hippoloid will be my central focus with everything else being kept on the wayside.

I did have a sequel to Sonic Craft Adventure planned but I've decided to merge both games together into one huge game instead. This'll save me a lot of time having to rebuild all the assets, a new base and a new engine for the sequel to run on, it'll just basically play like Sonic 3 & Knuckles where the second game starts right where the first game ends.

So yeah don't be surprised about not hearing anything from Sonic Craft Adventure 2, it's just basically all one big game now with the second game starting right where the first game would of originally ended.

P.S. I have a steam account now if anyone's interested.…
I really don't play online gaming anymore but I do upload my art and videos to my profile there as well as collect and trade steam cards so feel free to add me if that's your thing.

::My Current Projects::

Sonic Adventure Minecraft - Beta V4 out now
Shenmue Minecraft - Beta V3 out now
Sonic Craft Adventure - Early Alpha demo out now
Project Gangnam - Early beta coming soon
Mobius Minecraft - Project on Hold
Argon Minecraft - Project on Hold
Minecraft World - Project on Hold
SegaSonic ArcadeCraft - Project on Hold
Animal Crossing Minecraft - Project on Hold
Shenmue 3: The Complete Saga - project in limbo, may be cancelled.
Katherine and Hippoloid
Robotnik in Wonderland
Dr. Eggman's Cross Dimensional Adventure
Storytime with Dr. Robotnik

::Minecraft Archive::

Sonic Adventure Minecraft

Beta Version 1 download:…
Beta Version 2 pre-release download:…
Beta Version 2 download:…
Beta Version 3 download:…
Beta Version 4 download:…
Update archive #1:…
Update archive #2:…
Minecraft Forum:…
Planet Minecraft:…
Feature on TSSZ News:…

Shenmue Minecraft

Beta Version 1 pre-release download:…
Beta Version 1 download:…
Beta Version 2 download:…
Beta Version 3 download:…
Feature on Pushsquare:…
Feature on AreaGames:…
Feature on GamesBlog:…
Feature on N4G:…
Feature on Cramgaming:…

Sonic Craft Adventure

Early Alpha Demo Download -…

::You can catch me on these sites::

Xbox Gamertag - The Crimson Emo
PSN Gamertag - TheCrimsonEmo
3DS Friend Code - 4639-8966-3635… (Youtube)… (Steam) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (InkBunny) (Newgrounds)… (Google+)… (Pinterest)… (Gamefaqs)… (stumbleupon) (Gravatar)

Other links… - My personal thesis on artificial intelligence… - Shenmue 3 and other updates… - My top 50 games and movies list of 2014… - My top 20 video game villains of all time list… - My own video games quiz. Go ahead, give it a try!… - My video game Christmas musical parody… - Dr. Eggman's Cross Dimensional Adventure… - Robotnik in Wonderland - Part 1… - Robotnik in Wonderland - Part 2… - Katherine and Hippoloid's rough draft script - Part 1… - Katherine and Hippoloid's rough draft script - Part 2… - Curse of the Tails Doll, my short horror novel… - Storytime with Dr. Robotnik Rough Script



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This is why I love you, creepy looking court jester from an old 90's platformer that nobody remembers! :love:
And I've got a little surprise for you as well, remember my Robotnik in Wonderland story?
I actually did write a sort of spin-off sequel to it, but the damn thing is so offensive I'm not even sure if I can get away with putting it on deviantart.
So for now I'm keeping it here on my 2nd account:…

I think you'll get a kick out of it, it's basically supposed to be a TV show Dr. Robotnik is hosting where he reads stories to children only he has no idea what he's even reading and just makes up the story as he goes along with Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy often chiming in as his cameraman.

I wrote like 12 episodes and 4 spin-offs starring scratch and grounder where they host their own twisted version of Sonic says, giving the worst possible advice to children as opposed to the best.

(take a grain of salt with you though, it's definitely offensive with a capital O and I pretty much throw every derogatory slur under the bus!)
britts-demesne Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
That not entirely true. Quite a few people actually do remember the Jester from the Dark Legacy side of Gauntlet.

And ..I'm sorry to say that do not have an Inkbunny account as of yet.

But, I'm glad that you got a kick out of my attempt at some goofy OOC AoStH humour.
TheCrimsonEmo Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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